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What is Turning Point Educational Center?

Turning Point Educational Center provides mentoring, support, education, and related services for at-risk high school students. Let's face it, the teenage years can be rough. Life is not known for being fair. Students attend Turning Point Educational Center for a variety of reasons. Maybe they have family troubles at home, fell behind on credits at school, are challenged by anxiety or depression, became pregnant unexpectedly, experienced disciplinary issues, struggled with sickness, or other reasons. Turning Point welcomes them and gives them a second chance. Whatever their reason for attending this school, all students need the opportunity to keep hope alive in their hearts and minds.

Turning Point at Markle
Turning Point at Markle
T-Zone Custom Apparel
T-Zone Custom Apparel

Mission Statement

The Turning Point Educational Center provides education, mentoring, support, and community service opportunities for struggling, at-risk West Noble High School and West Noble Middle School students.

Our Schools

West Noble Primary School

Grades K - 1

West Noble Elementary School

Grades 2 - 4

West Noble Middle School

Grades 5 - 8

West Noble High School

Grades 9 - 12

Turning Point Educational Center

All School News & Contacts

Contact Information: 

Mrs. Amanda Nine, Principal, West Noble High School,

Mrs. Ashley Bradley, Principal, West Noble Middle School,



Mrs.  Jennifer Flora 
Mrs. Michelle Blaum

Noble Educational Initiatives (NEI) Board:

Amy Groff, President

David Cisney, Vice President 

Julia Petersen, Secretary

Carol Mast, Treasurer

Ed Miller, member

Dean Stoops, member

Marta Wysong, member

Dixie Kreager. member